GlowBro FidgetSpinner

$50.99 - Coming soon

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TheOneStopFidgetOfficial has been offering buttons in normal/exotic metals ever since it's first launch of RingSpinner designed by JongUn Ahn, called Production.Cube . I've been drafting out every possibilty of a fidget spinner while maintaining the style of "only buttons" for the past few months before I actually set off to have TOSF's own fidget spinner from a sketch to CAD design to having it in my hands for almost a year.

Now presenting GlowBro fidget spinner to you, it has been alot of effort from designer, Ansar Arif of ConceptualDesigns to help me design it in CAD with all his time and effort and Ben Koh aka AverageSingapore for naming it. Limiting only 20 of it from it's production and at affordable price point to the folks out there.

Spinner Dimensions
r188 SS bearing
22mm Buttons
Body frame: Stainless Steel (Brushed finished)
Weight plates: Brass and Copper (Please take note that Brass and Copper patinas easily), (Brushed finished)
Trits slots: 1.5x6mm (tritium not included)

Shipping options available here.
- 5.99USD Singapore Registered (takes 7 to 14 days from Singapore to various countries out there except Canada)

-23USD Fedex (3 to 5 days to all countries out there from Singapore)

**Canada resident please select "Fedex" option as this is the only way for it to get to you asap from Singapore within 3 to 5 days. Please take note that tax required for Canada residents

All order placed will ship within 2 business day time from Singapore

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