DSSRipple Buttons

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Image of DSSRipple Buttons Image of DSSRipple Buttons Image of DSSRipple Buttons

Damascus Stainless Steel material. Consist of 300 individual pieces of 304 and 316 stainless steel. The continuous of Mokume Ripple style, offering a decent and affordable price to it. Please take note that all treatments outcome are by manually produced. Pardon me for being clumsy and thank you for those who are still supporting me from the start until now, I will give my best until the very end.

22mm OD
13mm Height
Suitable for press/gluefit spinners only
**Please take note that the flaming process varies for the outcome colors effect

Price are with shipping cost and will also provide tracking from Singapore, Canada Residents please be aware that Singapore Registered mail are considered as lowest priority mail in Canada custom. Please email us regarding about it for better/other solutions.

**Ships within 3 business day

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