ZKT (ZircKuTi Buttons) PRE ORDER

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Image of ZKT (ZircKuTi Buttons) PRE ORDER Image of ZKT (ZircKuTi Buttons) PRE ORDER

A sudden combination of Zirconium and Mokuti. Making full use of Zirc as the base button and Mokuti inlay. I've always been amazed by various makers on how they handle well their Timascus/Mokuti, thus I've decided to try it with the limitation of equipments I have to do one for myself and also for the folks out there with decent and affordable price.

Materials: z702 pure Zirconium , Mokuti
r188 Pressfit buttons
OD: 22, 23, 24mm (price accordingly)
H: 13mm

Buttons as the following sizes

1. 22mm (22mm Zirc Based with 20mm Mokuti inlay)
2. 23mm (23mm Zirc Based with 21mm Mokuti inlay)
3. 24mm (24mm Zirc Based with 22mm Mokuti inlay)

**Please take note that flaming outcome varies, as well as the patterns thats cut out from the rod itself.

**Proximately shipping by 28th March 2018
**Customers residing Canada please email us before purchasing